Green Cord Program

Prestigious volunteerism Green Cord Award Service Program


The Green Cord Award is a distinguished volunteer service award coordinated by the Bellaire Public Schools. The award is available to any BHS student who has earned a minimum of 25 hours of community service/volunteering during each year of High School, for a total of at least of 100 hours. Seniors who completed the requirements of the program will be honored with the prestigious award during Honors Night and wear a Green Cord at their graduation in recognition of their achievements.

GENERAL GUIDELINES: Students MUST document ALL services on the Green Cord Award form. One form for each site or project must be signed by a supervisor at the site. Each school year, students must volunteer at least 25 hours at a minimum of THREE different non-profit organizations. (Examples are included but not limited to; schools, local or state government, church, community events, or community organizations and mission trips.)

PRE-APPROVAL FORM: A pre-approval is requested prior to any service activity that is not listed on the Pre-Approved Activities. This is to prevent any misunderstanding of qualifying hours. The primary criteria for the Green Cord credit is the service must be done for a non-profit or affiliated with a non-profit organization. (Exceptions; nursing homes and daycare centers)

GREEN CORD/DOCUMENTATION OF HOURS FORM: This form should be used for ongoing commitments when a student is volunteering for more than one day. Time for lunch breaks should not be included unless it is required as part of your responsibilities. Long term hours are due at the end of each academic quarter and the end of the summer.


  • Hours volunteered June-August are due on the first Friday of the first week of school.
  • Hours volunteered in April are due by the last day of school.
  • Seniors must submit all Green Cord Award forms/documentation by their last day of required school.

SUMMER: Services hours volunteered June through August may be applied toward either the prior or following school year once the THREE organization minimum has been met for the previous year. Summer hours begin after the last day of school and end the day before the first day of school.

RELIGIOUS SERVICE: Green Cord hours may not directly be involved with the rituals, services or ceremonies of any specific religion. Examples of invalid activities include but are not limited to; singing in the choir, candle lighting, reading from religious texts, altar service, etc. Accepted religious activities include, but are not limited to; vacation bible school assistant or teacher, babysitting during religious services, working on a sound crew, recording/videotaping a service or mission trips.