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Dear Bellaire Public School Staff,

The State of Michigan Department of Treasury announced details of the second round of "hazard pay" called MI Classroom Heroes COVID-19 grant as part of Public Act 257 of 2020, section 553.  The first round, Teacher and Support Staff COVID-19 (TSSC-19) grants were completed by districts in December 2020 as part of Public Act 166 of 2020, sections 949p and 949q.

Districts will have the same obligations: to determine a list of qualified individuals, distribute forms to qualified individuals by March 19, 2021, administer an appeal process, collect forms of qualified individuals to determine eligibility by April 9, 2021, and submit a list of eligible individuals to the Department of Treasury by April 19, 2021.

This grant program covers specifically: "eligible Great Start Readiness Program (GRSP), Head Start, adult education and young adult (ages 18-26) special education teachers."  Unlike the previous TSSC-19 grant, it does not cover support staff in these categories.

The language appears clear that no individual should qualify for both TSSC-19 and MICHC-19.

We will be distributing additional information and required forms by March 19, 2021 to those deemed eligible by the Department of Treasury.  Those individuals must return the required forms according to specific deadlines.  If you do not receive an email notifying you as eligible for this grant and you feel you meet the criteria as established by the Michigan Department of Treasury, you can file a written appeal to Heather Sulz, LEA Accountant no later than April 9, 2021.

The Michigan Department of Treasury will distribute funding allocated under the Act directly to those eligible on or around June 4, 2021.

Below are some resources for your convenience.

Announcement from Treasury,4679,7-121-1751_74806-551784--,00.html

Treasury FAQ

Thank you,

Heather Sulz

LEA Accountant